Custom eLearning Development Ensures Consistency in Training

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If reading the headline of this article, you are wondering, why learning needs to be custom designed, well, the answer is rather simple! Considering, that every business and process is original with its own unique history, products and /or services, goals, requirements, employees, and target customers; customizing eLearning solutions are necessary. Custom eLearning development is no longer a luxury, but in fact a prerequisite for companies who want to benefit from it.

Different Stages of Custom e-Learning Development

Most companies providing custom eLearning development services, base the solutions they create on the client briefing they receive. Understanding the nature of business of the client; the target learners for whom the eLearning solution is being created; and the aim that the company hopes to achieve through the eLearning course; are very important. Thereafter, eLearning companies proceed to create, develop and implement eLearning solutions, custom- made to satisfy these three aspects.

Custom eLearning Development Ensures Consistency in Training

The custom eLearning development process, involves three essential stages. These are the Planning stage, the Initiation stage and the Implementation stage. During the initial stages, content is developed, instructional design is created, the storyboard is laid out, and voice overs, visuals, videos and animation are added. Additionally, the content may also be converted into different formats to make it more media rich, engaging and interactive.

Advantages Offered

Electronic learning, can be accessed easily, conveniently and speedily, using just a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, and an internet connection. Customization offers numerous advantages to users. Companies do incur a one-time cost when developing or outsourcing their requirements to the developers, during the initial stages. However, as a greater number of their target learners’ start using these, their returns-on-investment become higher.

The development of eLearning solutions, creates a more conducive atmosphere for learning in companies. The training delivered is much more consistent in terms of quality. It can be repeatedly accessed and learners can go back to it again and again. This could never happen in the case in training sessions where instructors provide one-time training.

Custom eLearning development, also enables learners to learn at their own pace and convenient time. It allows them to make mistakes during the course of learning in the privacy of their own spaces and without any fear of people mocking them. They are much more cost-effective in the long run. More so, when one considers that conducting training in live scenarios or fake surroundings created for the purpose of training, will turn out to be much more expensive.

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