Features and Advantages of Mobile Learning

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Learning has evolved a lot in the last few decades with the advent of technology, electronics and the internet. Online learning is almost used in every educational institute and business organization is some way or the other. In fact, the reasons for eLearning to be so popular are its interactive and engaging content, cost effectiveness and ease of accessibility. However, eLearning has taken a new but major turn in the past few years with the advent of smartphones, i.e. mobile learning. Learning on smartphones is a common thing now and it takes various forms thanks to creative subject matter experts and designers. And now we are going to list out a few features of mobile learning that are very beneficial for effective learning. Read on.


Mobile Learning: Features that Benefit Effective Learning

1. Accessibility

The first and foremost advantage of mLearning is that very easily accessible, way more accessible than eLearning any day. People today are always connected to their smartphones be it work or commute or home. All business organizations, media, internet companies are leveraging this phenomenon by going mobile, thus prompting more usage of mobile phones. People have a high engagement level with mobile phones than any other device and thus smartphones might be the perfect medium to serve learning materials. Business professionals who are always on the go can benefit from mobile learning as it is accessible anywhere and anytime, giving them more freedom to decide when they want to learn. Mobile learning companies make it convenient for the learners to ease up their mind, spend less time and understand more, and more importantly keep them engaged towards the learning materials.

2. Interactive

Every mobile app has its own design and structure; every website is different and everything you see on the internet is unique. Mobile phones serve as those mediums which allow people to take notice of the diversity around them and interact with them in different manner. Mobile phones are way too advanced for their small size and can be developed to deliver any type of advanced learning material. The more the learner interacts with the learning material, the more he/she will be able to connect with the subject and learn more. The technology that mobile phones carry like touch screen, motion sensors, wireless connection and rich colour display, enable eLearning companies to deliver mobile learning materials of all kinds.

3. Distribution

In the case of multinational companies a single/similar learning material must be circulated across all the branches around the world at the same time. Managing such things is very easy with the application of mobile phone and the internet. The user can download the course almost instantly as it is made available. These courses can be further modified or upgraded using updates that are constantly sent to each learner of the mobile learning course. To put it simply, with mobile phones it is incredibly easy to maintain contact between the learner and the eLearning company. Since the courses are of short duration and run on mobile phones, the size of these course materials is also less and come up with additional benefits like offline mode for regions with poor or unreliable internet connectivity.

4. Short Duration

The attention span of an average mobile user is way too less when compared to a non-user. There is so much of information available on these tiny devices that people are constantly distracted by other news and other information. The only way to grab the attention of these fickle minded users is to make the learning course more interactive and less time consuming. Tests and learning materials of shorter duration will encourage learners to take up learning whenever they are free and complete the modules quickly and effortlessly. The short duration of the course will help them identify with the content very quickly and not suffer from distraction or boredom.

5. Scalable

Today’s technology will be obsolete tomorrow as technology evolves very quickly. Nowadays new technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and wearables are making look smartphones as mere and backward. Over time, one technology will take over the other and give room for new avenues and opportunities to deliver learning materials. Mobile learning (http://www.wisegeek.net/what-is-m-learning.htm) courses can be easily scaled, updated and redistributed without any hassles.

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