Five Point Checklist for Choosing the Right eLearning Outsourcing Development Partner

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E-Learning is extensively used in business organization for training and educational purposes owing to its flexible nature, interactive content and ability to keep the learner engaged for a long time. In addition to the above mentioned, eLearning is also cost effective and less time consuming, thus ensuring a high ROI and efficient learning. eLearning courses/materials are exclusively designed for laptops or smartphones so that they can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Designing and developing these courses requires a lot of different professionals including graphic designers, programmers, subject matter experts, artists and more. While few companies dare to design, and develop their own eLearning courses, most of the business organizations tend to outsource the same to eLearning development partners. This is because, developing eLearning materials requires the right talent pool, experience and needs to be done within a short turnaround time. And doing the same in-house will demand a lot of money, human resource and as mentioned above, the right talent pool. Thus, in-house is always more complicated and expensive when compared to outsourcing where all your requirements will be catered to under a single roof, by the right and experienced talent pool.

E-Learning outsourcing companies ensure that they have all the tools and equipment to develop the course materials, the right talent pool to make good use of these tools, the ability to deliver within a short period and do all the above for a reasonable price. India is particularly known for eLearning projects outsourcing as a lot of eLearning outsourcing development partners are available there, who have all the resources and talent pool to deliver quality service. Here, we will introduce you to a 5-point checklist you can use to choose the right eLearning outsourcing company/partner in India and elsewhere.

How to Choose the Right eLearning Outsourcing Development Partner?

1. Clients

The easiest way to judge if the company is good or bad is to look at their list of clients. You can access this easily on their website and contact the respective authorities for more details. Sometimes, it is not enough to just know who their clients are. Having a word with their previous clients will give you more assurance and clarity about the eLearning company you are going to deal with. If the company hesitates to be open about their client history and declines to share details, it is more likely that they are hiding their bad track records.

2. Work

The next thing to check when you are hiring an eLearning outsourcing development partner is their previous work. Though you have ensured that the company has good clients, you can’t be sure whether the company can cater to your requirements unless you see their work. Checking out their previous work will give you an idea of the approach they follow, their design language and depth of content.

3. Team

It is necessary that an eLearning outsourcing development partner has all the necessary resources, tools and people to deliver anything that you require without any delays. This requires that the company has an experience and well equipped team, covering all the aspects of development and design. Graphic designers, creative designers, subject matter experts and programmers are a must in every eLearning company.

4. Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is an important factor to consider while choosing an eLearning outsourcing development partner. Many times, it is required that the eLearning courses are required overnight and quick changes must be made every now and then. Ensure that the company you choose can assure you this quick turnaround time.

5. Scaling and Flexibility

The beauty of eLearning ( is that it can be scaled and improvised as and when required, meaning there’s no need to develop a new one every time. Ensure that the eLearning outsourcing development partner you choose is willing to assure you scaling and flexibility at any point of time. The company should be ready to co-ordinate at your convenience and time zone, delivering the required within the stipulated timeline.

Apart from the above mentioned, also do a quick background check on the eLearning outsourcing development partner and the market you are dealing with. Have a rough idea about the pricing of these services and have a clear-cut budget in your mind before approaching anybody.

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